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Elemi Gum


Origin: Philippines.


20 grams


Elemi Gum is a resin tapped from the Canarium luzonicum tree, a relative to frankincense and myrrh. This incense is truly magical it has transporting quality that seems to help you leave all your daily worries behind.

Elemi Gum has been used by many to clear and ground which helps to assist one in there daily meditations and spiritual practises giving a refreshing uplift while keeping you firmly grounded ready to take on any task.

“The name Elemi is derived from an Arabic phrase meaning ‘above and below‘, an abbreviation of ‘As above, so below‘ and this tells us something about its action on the emotional and spiritual planes.”*



Fresh, pine, lemony, eucalyptus, and balsamic-spicy notes.

Can be mixed with: Frankincense, Myrrh, Red Sandalwood.



*Davis, Patricia. Aromatherapy A-Z. Revised and Enlarged Edition. Book Production Consultants plc, Cambridge. The C.W. Daniel Company Limited. 1998