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Kenya AB Asali

Light Roast

This Kenya AB Asali is grown in the Mt. Kenya highlands at 5,800 feet above sea level, home to top quality as a result of its climatic, geographical location and volcanic soil.  Through careful cultivation, nurturing and harvesting this coffee is among the truly greats.

Due to its strategic location – on the windward of Mt Kenya , it has a good network of permanent rivers and is wet throughout the year. The area has two distinct rainfall seasons, long rains (March to May) and short rains ( October to November). It has an equatorial type of climate with rich volcanic soils

Kenya is both the most balanced and the most complex of coffee origins. A powerful, wine-toned acidity is wrapped in sweet fruit. Although the body is typically medium in weight, Kenya is almost always deeply dimensioned. Sensation tends to ring on, resonating like a bellclap rather than making its case to the palate and standing pat. Some Kenyas display dry, berryish nuances, others citrus tones. The berry-toned Kenyas are particularly admired by some coffee buyers. Finally, Kenya coffees are almost always clean in the cup. Few display the shadow defects and off-tastes that often mar coffees from other origins.


Tasting Notes:

Powerful body, gentle citric acidity notes with blackberry jam flavours and fruity aromas