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China Gunpowder
China Jasmine Yin Hao
Jasmine Yin Hao is highly aromatic top grade jasmine green tea with white tips Striking the perfect ..
China Sencha
A classic green tea to be enjoyed daily. These beautiful emerald green leaves produce a delicate aro..
Jade Oolong
This floral Taiwanese oolong is a divine choice for the height of summer. The lightly oxidised leave..
Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Jasmine infused hand rolled pearls.A delicate green tea with a light floral taste of pure Jasmine. H..
Love Tea
A blend of white leaf, and green leaf with jasmine flowers and rose petals, scented with viola flavo..
Mao Feng Green
A delicate taste of fresh summer. Unlike other green teas the infusion will turn pale green. This gr..
Moroccan Mint
Peppermint Leaves blended with Chinese gunpowder green tea. The tea gives the refreshing mint leaves..
Orange Blossom Oolong
This loose leaf tea is combined with orange peel giving it a light, airy character with delicate ora..
Silver Needle
For two hours every morning, for a very special two weeks of the year, the tea pluckers of the Chine..
Silver Needle Jasmine
Our Jasmine Silver Needle white tea marries the finest Silver Needle white tea with the fragrance of..
Ti Kaun Yin
The original shape of the silky textured, delicate and glossy leaves emerges from the skilfully roll..
White Monkey
A light-yellow, smooth liquor and impart only the lightest buttery sweetness with a slight apricot f..
Yunnan Green
Our Yunnan Green Tea is grown in the mountains just outside Simao (Pu Erh City). It is made from the..
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